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Accessible Instructional Media Procedure
The Process for Students Eligible under IDEA

Wisconsin Accessible Instructional Media Procedures

Step 1. Textbook purchasing contracts contain language requesting the publisher prepare and submit files meeting NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) requirements to the NIMAC (National Instructional Media Access Center).  See Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Information Update Bulletin #07.03 (December 2007) for suggested language (http://www.wamp.k12.wi.us/guidance.html)

Step 2.  Individualized Education Program (IEP) team members make a determination regarding the students’ qualification as a student with a print disability and eligibility status to receive materials under NIMAS in specialized format(s). 

Step 3.  IEP team members make the decision concerning the need and the type of specialized format(s) based on documented evaluations by certified professionals and the individual needs of the student.

Step 4. The Local Education Agency (LEA) completes the "Provider Information Sheet" and a "Student Information Sheet" (providing eligibility documentation) annually for each student eligible to receive core instructional materials through the NIMAC and submits the completed form to Wisconsin Accessible Materials Productions (WAMP). 

Step 5.  LEA completes and submits the “Book Request Form” detailing required textbooks, and related core materials in addition to format specifications to WAMP. 

Step 6.  WAMP personnel process the request and send the student-ready version in the requested format to the designated district.

Step 7.  LEA receives textbook(s) and related core materials in requested specialized format.   These materials are student specific, and under copyright law may be used only by the student for which the material was requested. 


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